Space Cleansing

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White Sage used for smudging

Space Cleansing

In order to cleanse a space there are a few tools required.

1. Smudging tools e.g. sage, vesel, ignition source e.g. matches/candle.
Sage smoke acts like a energetic vacum. It clears all negative and stagnant energies from a area and creates a blank slate for the introduction of new energies. For more information on smudging visit our Smudging Page

2. Black and White Candles
Black candles also act like an energetic vacum. They clear all negative and stagnant energy from a area and leave the space a blank slate. White candles bring in positivity, clarity and protection. They are excellent to burn after the black candles inorder to refill the area with positive energy.

3. Sweetgrass
Sweetgrass used as a smudge injects positivity, sweetness and joy into the cleansed area. Refilling the cleansed space with positive lighthearted energy.


Light the sage and allow to smolder until an adiquate amount of smoke is created. Walk around the space and hold the intent that the area is cleansed and all the negative energies are transmuted into positive ones. You can use a feather to fan the smoke or your own hand. Use what ever resonates with you. Make sure to concentrate on the corners of the room and the basement if applicable since this is where stagnant energies will collect.

While cleansing the area light the Black candle and hold the same intent. Once the area has been completely smudged and the black candle is burnt out immediately light the white candle and hold an intent of what energy you wish the area to be filled with. While the white candle is burning light the sweetgrass in the same fashion as the sage and use a feather to fan the smoke or your own hand. If you are having a difficult time keeping the sweetgrass lit use a small piece of incense charcoal to create a constant ember.

Once the space has been cleanse and the energies have been replaced with positive ones hang a braid of sweetgrass at the entrances of the home to absorb the energy of people entering the home. Replace the braids after one month and burn them in a cleansing ceremony. Never throw the ashes of the sage into the garbage save them in a paper bag and once full burry them in the earth.

“Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul.” ~ Thomas Merton