Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Readings & How much do they cost?

The service providers offer three different time lenghts of readings.

~Linda who offers Tarot readings offers 10 & 15min readings, 1/2hr readings, and 1hr readings.

Linda's Prices

~Christine who offers Angel readings offers 10 & 15min readings, 1/2hr readings, and 1hr readings.

Christine's Prices

What is an Angel Reading?

An Angel reading is similar to a Tarot reading in the sense that it offers insight and guidance to questions as well as a look at the past, preset and future.

It differs in the sense that it is conducted with Angel cards rather than Tarot cards and in the 1/2hr and 1hr sessions your spiritual team is identified. This may include spiritual guides, guardian angels, animal totems and archytypes (life themes that you are going through). The session is a channeling and mediumship processs.

What Can I Expect in a Quick Reading?

In a quick 15min reading there is only enough time to answer one or two questions depending on the question. A small card layout may be conducted or the information can be channeled directly from your guides. We here at A Sense of Serenity recommend going for a 1/2hr reading if you are looking for in depth guidance and answers to difficult questions.

Quote of the Month

“We are our form and our formlessness. We are both visible and invisible, and we need to honor our totality, not just what we can see and touch.”
~ In Memory of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer