Dowsing Tools

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Pendulum Mats

Velvet Embroidered Pendulum Mat
Velvet Embroidered Pentacle Pendulum Mat "Dowse This" Pendulum Chart

Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

In Pendulum Magic for Beginners, Richard Webster shows you how to use a pendulum for magic, self-improvement, and psychic development.

This book teaches you how to:
·Communicate with your subconscious mind
·Find lost objects
·Select a potential mate
·Help resolve health issues
·Communicate with spirits
·Explore past lives


Pendulum Power by Greig Neilsen and Joseph Polansky

12 The power of the pendulum has been valued since ancient times for its ability to discover treasure, advise in love, locate the lost, and divine the new. Pendulum Power teaches how to make and use pendulums for finding success in career and relationships, for healing, for development of intuition and increased mind power, as well as a host of other applications.

A Little Book of Pendulum Magic by D.J. Conway

Also known as dowsing, pendulum magic is a technique for seeing into the future, whether for information about romance, luck, past lives, or the psychic causes of disease. The author gives step-by-step instructions for making pendulums with everything from gemstones and rings to buttons and fishing weights. She explains how questions should be asked and how answers should be interpreted. She also charts the rituals involved in divination and explains how to use pendulums in conjunction with tarot cards, crystals, astrology, and meditation. 12

Pendulum Pouches

12 When one decides to invest in a pendulum it is important to protect their investment. We offer a wide variety of pendulum pouches that allow you to keep your pendulum safe from scratching and chiping as well as others reach. Because many pendulums are stones they retain energy. When others touch your pendulum their energy is absorbed and can affect your dowsing. We highly reccomend keeping your pendulum in a pouch or case so that it can assist you in developing your intuition for years to come.

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