Cleansing Crystals

Welcome to our crystal cleansing page. Here you will find all the modalities that we here at A Sense of Serenity recommend to cleanse your crystals before utilizing them. Please note that only one process is required to cleanse your crystals not all of them. Also here at A Sense of Serenity we do not recommend using a mixture of sea salt and water to cleanse your crystals/stones. Many stones contain metal alloys that, when submersed in water, could cause a chemical reaction. Also, there are some stones that actually dissolve when in water.

Cleansing is also an excellent time to program your stones for specific purposes. While they are being cleansed specifically outline what you would like the crystal to do or to help you achieve. This is especially amplified during new moons and solstice. This can be done with all methods of cleansing.

Smudging Process

Once you have the tools mentioned on our smudging page and have lit the smudge pass the crystals/stones through the smoke for a few minutes or until you feel that the crystal/stone has been cleansed. Sage smoke acts like a energetic vacuum. It clears all negative and stagnant energies and creates a blank slate for the introduction of new energies.

While holding the object in the smoke, hold strong intentions (say a mantra in your head or out loud) that all negative/unwanted energies be transmuted into positive and the crystals/stones will be re-energized and ready to use again.

Smudging in Close Quarters

For those who live in an apartment or dormitory in which the smell of the smoke may bother others the use of powder resin incense is highly recommended. The resin comes in a variety of scents and one can be easily chosen to alter the scent of the sage as well as add the incenses properties(e.g. harmony, healing and prosperity).

Flame Process

Light a candle or a match (a lighter will not work due to the fact that the flame is synthetic) and bring the crystal over the light of the flame. Pass the crystals/stones above the flame for a few minutes or until you feel that the crystal/stone has been cleansed. This mantra is suggested: "Thank-you universe for cleansing the stone, fulfilling its highest potential and transmuting all energies to positive for others to use." Program if desired.

Brown Rice Process

Submerge the crystals in raw brown rice and leave for a period of 24hrs. Program if desired once submerged.

Sea Salt Process

Submerge the crystals in Sea Salt and leave for a period of 24hrs. Program if desired once submerged. Only unprocessed salts will work with this method table (iodized) salt will not work. An alternative to sea salt is Himalayan Salt.

Cleansing should be done at least twice a month especially when you feel the stone loose its power or become blocked. But it is recommended that when the crystal/stone is brand new that it is cleansed at least once a week.

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