Our store address is 10342 81 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB Canada. Across from the Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot on Gateway Boulevard.


Nestled just off Whyte Avenue in Edmonton’s cultural hub of Old Strathcona, A Sense of Serenity has been fulfilling the metaphysical needs and wishes of its patrons since 2003. Ausha, the store’s proprietor, has converted the space from a vacant store front to a charming and warm oasis that invites customers to come back and experience the rejuvenating elements her store has to offer.

A Sense of Serenity offers a wide variety of items and services to feed your inner spirit. Check out our selection of tarot and angel oracle cards to help you tune into your spirit guides. To improve the Feng Shui or energy movement of your home there are a number of items and books available. Does your home or office feel stagnant? Crystals, geodes and divine wall hangings are available to provide a positive influence on your surroundings. A Sense of Serenity also has a significant selection of books on self-healing, angels and intuition, dream analysis, shamanism, pagan rituals, Reiki, hypnotherapy and more.

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A Sense of Serenity now ships worldwide! If there is a product you would like to have shipped to you just contact the store and we will put together your order!

Please call us today at (780) 439-3131 with any questions.

Quote of the Month

“We are our form and our formlessness. We are both visible and invisible, and we need to honor our totality, not just what we can see and touch.”
~ In Memory of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer