Essential Oils

Scents of Wonder Essential Oils
All the Scents of Wonder Oils that A Sense of Serenity Carries are made locally, 100% Natural and 100% Pure.

Amber (5ml)
Angelica (1ml)
Anise (5ml)
Balsam of Peru (5ml)
Bay Leaf (5ml)
Benzoin (5ml)
Bergamont (5ml)
Bergamont (10ml)
Birch (10ml)
Black Pepper (5ml)
Black Pepper
Breath Better (5ml)
Camphor (5ml)
Linalod Thyme (5ml)
Linden (1ml)
Mandarin (5ml)
Marjoram (10ml)
Moldavite (5ml)
Mugwort (5ml)
Mystical Forest (5ml)
Neroli (1ml)
Oregeno (10ml)
Orange (5ml)
Orange Bitter (5ml)
Patchouli (5ml)
Patchouli (10ml)
Camphor (10ml)
Cardamon (10ml)
Ceder Red (5ml)
Ceder Red (10ml)
Chakra Oils 1-7 (5ml)
Chamomile Mixta (5ml)
Cinnamon Leaf (5ml)
Cinnamon Leaf (10ml)
Citronella (5ml)
Clary Sage (10ml)
Clove Bud (5ml)
Cumin (10ml)
Cypress (5ml)
Divine Blessing (5ml)
Dream Temple (5ml)
Eucalyptus (10ml)
Peppermint (5ml)
Peppermint (10ml)
Pine Needle(10ml)
Red Thyme (5ml)
Red Thyme (10ml)
Rose Absolute (1ml)
Rose Geranium (5ml)
Rose Geranium (10ml)
Rosemary (5ml)
Rosemary (10ml)
Rosewood Brazilian (5ml)
Rosewood Brazilian (10ml)
Rue (5ml)
Sage (5ml)
Sage (10ml)
Sandalwood (5ml)
Spearmint (5ml)
Spearmint (10ml)
Frankincense (5ml)
Frankincense (10ml)
French Marigold (5ml)
French Marigold (10ml)
Fresh Ginger (5ml)
Grapefruit (10ml)
Grapefruit, Pink (10ml)
Geranium (5ml)
Geranium (10ml)
Goddess Blends
Jasmine (1ml)
Juniper Berry (5ml)
Juniper Berry (10ml)
Lavender (5ml)
Lavender (10ml)
Lemongrass (5ml)
Lemon (5ml)
Lime (5ml)
Lime (10ml)
Spring Rose (1ml)
Sweetgrass F.O. (10ml)
Tangerine (5ml)
Tangerine (10ml)
Tea Tree (5ml)
Tea Tree(10ML)
Uplifting (5ml)
Vanilla (10ml)
Verivert (10ml)
Yarrow (5ml)
Ylang Ylang 3 (10ml)
Willow Essence (5ml)

Aromatherapy Bottles

Celtic Knot, Hand of Fatima & Tree of Life Faerie Wolf
Celtic Knot, Hand of Fatima & Tree of Life Faerie Wolf

Quote of the Month

“We are our form and our formlessness. We are both visible and invisible, and we need to honor our totality, not just what we can see and touch.”
~ In Memory of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer